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Resources for Drivers and Their Families

  • General Injury Prevention
    Child Passenger Safety in Colorado ​ Safe Kids Worldwide ​ Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment ​ Colorado Department of Transportation ​ National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ​ American Academy of Pediatrics ​ BuckleBear the Safety Puppet ​ Motorcycle Safety American Automobile Association ​ Walk To School Information
  • Helpful Websites
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Colorado Teen Driver Web site geared for teen drivers and their parents, includes: the law, facts, tips and resources. ​ Colorado Department of Revenue (Division of Motor Vehicles) Information on obtaining a driver’s permit and driver’s license. List of certified driving schools. Answers to frequently asked questions. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety This is the organization that determines the safety ratings for all cars. They have great information including which cars might be the best for your teen. ​ The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia ​ Driving Institute of America ​ Teen Driving Council ​ National Safety Council ​ Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association ​ Alive at 25 (4 hour class) ​ Allstate Insurance ​ State Farm Insurance ​ Older Driver Sensitive Topic Conversation Guide ​ Free Online Seminar – Older Driver ​ Driver Fitness Medical Guidelines ​ Driver Rehabilitation Specialists ​ Find Driver Rehab Specialists ​ Public Program: Fitness to Drive ​ Public Program: Adaptive Driving – Fort Collins ​ Public Program: Adaptive Driving – Aurora ​ Downloadable Hard Copy of Driver Planning Agreement ​ CarFit Finder ​ Driver Safety Course – AAA ​ Driver Safety Course – AARP ​ National Older Drivers Website ​ Free Safety Traffic Information ​ How Does My Medication Affect My Driving ​ Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) 2014 Strategic Highway Safety Plan ​ Video Toolkit on Medical Conditions in Older Drivers ​ National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Older Drivers American Association of Retired Persons ​ American Automobile Association ​ National Institute on Aging
  • Transportation Options in Colorado
    Representing, Servicing and Promoting Transit in Colorado ​ Getting There Guide A resource guide to transportation services for the Denver Metro Area ​ North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization A resource for locating transportation services that offer alternatives to moving around the region by personal vehicle. ​ Mountain Rides They help those who live in the Northwestern Colorado region find transportation. ​ Complete listing of Colorado’s Area Agencies on Aging
  • Teen Driving Safety Resources
    Colorado Graduated Drivers Licensing Laws Rules of the Road Powerpoint download Download Here For more information on Colorado’s GDL laws, go to: On-line training for parents and guardians to help better understand Colorado’s Graduated Driver Licensing Law: Experience an interactive tool explaining the requirements for permits based on your teen’s age: For a list of state-approved driving schools, visit the website for the Colorado Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) at Online help for new licenses from the DMV: For more information on the documents to bring with you to the DMV to get a permit, Affidavit of Liability and Guardianship for all adults that will supervise the permit-holder’s driving: Find a DMV office in your area: Use the Colorado Driver Handbook to print and sign a driving log for permit holders along with guidance for how to spend the required 50 hours of supervised driving: Cheat-sheet of the rules and penalties for driver’s permits and GDL restrictions: Interactive website for teen drivers: An educational program that reveals the real dangers and consequences of distracted and wreckless driving: Speak Now! A program from the Department of Human Services to help you talk about substance use with your teen Teaching Your Teen to Drive Once They Have a Permit Drivers’ education requirements by age: Drivers education overview and locations Top tips for parents for teaching teens how to drive: 8 Danger Zones to be aware of when teaching your teen: Teen Safe Driving Contracts Walk through contract example: AAA of Colorado has resources for discussing safe driving with your teen: Allstate Foundation:
  • Older Adult Driver Information
    AARP Driver Safety ​ Car Fit an educational program that offers older adults the opportunity to check how well their personal vehicles “fit” them
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