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Driving Evaluation

At Fitness to Drive, we offer a comprehensive evaluation of driving skills that looks at the entire driving situation for a particular client.

Medical return to driving evaluation, older driver safety evaluation, and adaptive equipment evaluations all include the following components:

Drivers ed test with an OT

Clinical Assessment

This in-office evaluation includes assessment of:

  • Vision- depth perception, peripheral vision, visual spatial skills

  • Cognition - memory, judgment, speed of response

  • Physical function - strength, range of motion and flexibility

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Behind the Wheel Assessment

When appropriate, the following skills will be assessed in our vehicle:

  • Vehicle control

  • Complex reaction time

  • Visual scanning of the environment

  • Problem solving ability

Driving test in Colorado Consultation


Immediately after testing, we will discuss your clinical results, driving related strengths and weaknesses, and provide recommendations. A written report will be sent to your referring physician.​

Tips for doing your best during the driving test

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You don't study for this test: Many people ask us if they should study for their comprehensive driver evaluation. The assessments that we give are looking at your visual, cognitive, and physical function. Studying is not necessary.
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You're in good hands

For the in vehicle portion of the driving evaluation we use the Fitness to Drive vehicle. This is because we have a brake pedal on the instructor side and we are able to put adaptive equipment in our vehicle as needed. Don't worry! We always start in a neighborhood to make sure that you feel comfortable in our car before any "testing".

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